Lola's on the Lake


Tuesday - Saturday:
11am - 9pm
Noon - 9pm
Sunday European Brunch
9am - Noon
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101 Osthoff Ave.
Elkhart Lake, WI

On the corner of Lake
and East Street


Our Philosophy

Keeping True to Our Tradition…

Since the early days of The Osthoff Hotel, local farmers, including my grandmother and grandfather, supplied the resort with fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, as well as ducks, geese, pork, and beef; all staples of the fine traditional European cuisine customary for such an establishment of the day. Food was always served fresh...freshly harvested and brought to the kitchen for cooks to prepare the dishes of the day, and freshly prepared for hungry families who put their feet under the Osthoff table.

True to our Osthoff mission, to "deliver the best resort experience to our guests," we grow as much good food as a season can hold in the Osthoff Gardens. Eight years ago we put the first spade in the ground on a small plot of Osthoff land, with the pure intention of knowing that the food we put on your table is truly fresh, free of herbicides and pesticides, and grown from seeds true to their DNA since the beginning of time.

Since that time, our commitment to deliver the "best" food to our guests has only grown, taking us through battles with the "wild ones," the first to enjoy the bounty of the garden; spurring us on when we faced the devastation of drought or the mildew that comes with too much rain.

We have grown from a single garden with a few herbs and heirloom tomatoes to small gardens close to each restaurant, the original garden expanded, and our production garden of two acres. Altogether, each year we grow thousands of pounds of food that makes its way from the gardens to the kitchens to the plates on your table. The Green Team and the Culinary Team are in total lockstep with each other, from selecting the seeds that are planted, understanding the size and type of the bounty harvested each week, to the culinary creation that appears on the menu.

When you dine at Lola's, we want you to feel like a special guest in our home. We want you to know that our commitment to the food we serve you is genuine...we care about every bite you take, every taste on your plate. We want you to know that we have selected the finest ingredients and the freshest food from our own Osthoff Gardens to prepare the most flavorful dishes for your dining pleasure and enjoyment.

Welcome to Lola's.

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